Airhandlers with heating capacity rental

Heatword Rentals, a division of Coolworld provides your preferred indoor climate at any location. Temporary hire of an air-handler can prevent an unworkable indoor climate as well as operational losses. Even during an extreme cold snap or when the permanent heating system is temporarily down. Heatworld can be an flexible and attractive option for a one-off corporate event or events’ locations. From advice, installation and conditioning to the collection of the heating unit on completion of the rental period, you can count on a trouble-free service. 
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Airhandlers with heating capacity for rent

Coolworld rents mobile air-handling units with heating and cooling capacity, including all necessary peripheral equipment. 

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Airhandler LV50

Compact mobile ventilation unit that can be suspended, with a heating capacity of 50 kW and a cooling capacity of 25 kW. The energy-efficient unit is easy to connect to an air hose or a duct system. The temperature can be controlled remotely or using the integrated thermostat. Can be used to control the temperature in small to medium-sized rooms or to prevent frost in large buildings.

picture of Airhandler LV50

Standard accessories LV50

  • Electrical power connection (A)
  • Water connection

Optional accessories LV50

  • Extention power cables
    Extention power cables
  • Water hoses
    Water hoses
  • Airhoses