Heater rental

Heatworld Rentals, a division of Coolworld rents out a wide range of heating units, including mobile oil-powered heaters with a capacity of 185 kW and optional air recirculation. Temporary hire of an heater can prevent an unworkable indoor climate as well as operational losses. Even during an extreme cold snap or when the permanent heating system is temporarily down. Heatworld can be an flexible and attractive option for a one-off corporate event or events’ locations. From advice, installation and conditioning to the collection of the heating unit on completion of the rental period, you can count on a trouble-free service. 
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Mobile Heater rentals fuel, oil or electrical powered

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Heater MOH245R

All heaters can be fitted with a variety of blow-off options. As a default, all our heaters are supplied with a thermostat, a spark catcher and a flue tube. 

picture of Heater MOH245R

Technical specifications MOH245R

Heating capacity 245kW
Nominal air flow 18300m³/h
Voltage 400V
Frequency 50Hz
Power consumption 7.5kW
Controller Thermostat
Power connection 32 A CEE
Phases 3 + N + E
Consumption 27.5L/h
(Air) pressure 350Pa
Fuel type HBO1
Internal dimensions (LxWxH) 2900x1100x1750mm
Weight 835Kg

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