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A Coolworld Rentals egy nemzetközi, teljeskörű szolgáltatást nyújtó, bérbeadással foglalkozó cég a hűtéstechnika és a fűtés területén. A szervezet motivált emberekből áll, akik széleskörű tapasztalattal rendelkeznek a bérbeadással kapcsolatban a hűtés és a fűtés területén. A Coolworld alappillérei a jó tanácsadás és az ügyfelek valódi kiszolgálása.
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Muhammed Aslan, planner

név: Muhammed Aslan
Függvény: International logistics planner

As a Planner in the Operations department I look after anything to do with international transport. Put simply, I look at all the jobs on the planning board and delegate these to the right individuals and then generate all the paperwork which is necessary to ensure that all those involved – technicians and order-pickers – can do their job properly. As soon as this has been done, I enter all the work that needs doing into the system so that all the necessary transport documents can be prepared. I make sure that lorries are available to collect their consignment and to deliver it to the customer. Finally, I check all the invoices sent by the transport company. 

Why Coolworld? 
I was looking for a job with a company with well-regulated growth plans. It had to be a dynamic company, not an organisation where you’re just a number. 

Working as a Planner at Coolworld 
In the first instance, the work I do can be described as delegating and providing support to a wide range of logistics orders. I give the right papers to the right people who then log their tasks. Once they have performed their tasks, the documents are returned to me and then processed in the planning system. At the same time a truck needs to be made available for the load. The planning of transportation at home and abroad is also one of my responsibilities and makes the work all the more interesting.

Working at Coolworld is always a new challenge 
Each and every time it’s a challenge to get everything done in time and in consultation with the customer. For example, I was recently faced with the challenge of having a unit collected from a location in Switzerland. Not only did it prove a difficult task to get the system on the back of the truck due to the steep incline it was on, it also proved a challenge for me to organise the proper documents since I’d never arranged a load for transport from Switzerland before. After talking everything through with the client, the transport company and the customs, the consignment was soon back on our premises and that’s always a satisfying moment. Coolworld has short lines of communication with a horizontal organisational structure and is run with an open and a free style. New employees are welcomed by a friendly and committed team of colleagues and there’s always time for a laugh and a joke. You are assessed on what you do and not by your mistakes. That’s why I go to work each day with a spring in my step. You're left a lot of leeway in how you do your work, but you have to meet deadlines and there's a fixed way in which some things are done. 

My vision for the future 
I hope to work for Coolworld for a long while yet and to build up and oversee a transport organisation which not only moves goods, but also delivers financial benefits to the company as well as customer satisfaction.

Muhammed Aslan, planner

Always a new challenge

Munka, mint International logistics planner

Always a new challenge
Muhammed Aslan,
International logistics planner