BREXIT: Have you prepared for a potential bottleneck in the cooling chain?

Brexit is planned to take place soon, either with a deal or with no deal. Preparations have been made in several sectors, such as food, logistics and pharma, but there are still many unanswered questions. In particular, specialists in the cold supply and/or cooling chains have their own specific worries and queries. A back-up plan that integrates rental cooling and climate control can take some of those worries away.

Scenarios for the different options - from a hard to a soft Brexit - can be drafted in order to get a better grasp of the situation. Examples are risk analyses and estimating cost implications, as well as answering questions such as:• Where are there likely to be expected or unforeseen bottlenecks/obstructions in the food, perishables and pharma logistic chains? At customs or somewhere else in the chain?• What are customers doing and what will the effect be on the warehousing capacity for every link in the logistic chain of temperature-sensitive products? • Should we invest in more climate-controlled capacity or should we not create any extra conditioned room for now? The latter question and the accompanying cost issue is a key topic for lots of organisations at the moment and it is clear that organisations want flexibility. Add to this the ever more extreme summer conditions and you have plenty food for thought. 
Coolworld Rentals, a full-service rental company, can help you come up with a sound plan for this temperature control issue and we have turn-key solutions, ready for delivery. We are always happy to help you prepare a back-up plan and we are ready for you 24/7/365 if you need any extra cooling or climate control solutions.
Some real-life examples of situations where renting cooling and climate control solutions brought instant relief:• Extra buffer space for air cargo and transhipment of fresh produce• Securing pharma product stocks in a warehouse in summer• Flexibly scaling up capacity by renting a modular coldstore• Renting an HACCP freezer unit for freezing coldpacks 
Why rental is a good solution:- Flexibility: whether it’s a hard Brexit or soft, you can always scale up or down quickly- No unnecessary investments in temperature-controlled facilities, whatever the scenario- Reliable buffer in your supply chain: with new units, 24/7 service and back-up
More information or personal advice on-site, at your location?Feel free to contact us, free of any obligation. Coolworld is happy to help you with all your questions about permanent or temporary temperature or contact our main office +31(0)416-688088
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