Partnership with Polygon for industrial drying, heating and cooling

“We complement one another perfectly”Polygon Nederland and Coolworld, an international rental company for cooling and refrigeration equipment based in Waalwijk, established a strategic partnership agreement for drying, heating and cooling activities for industrial applications. Yves Buijzen, director and co-owner of Coolworld expressed high expectations for the partnership with Polygon. “We know one another from previous industrial projects in the Netherlands and abroad, in which both companies were involved. We can both look back on these positive and fruitful examples of cooperation with a great deal of pleasure. These experiences confirm for us the possibility of together achieving synergetic advantages. Polygon has traditionally been a solid partner in the field of drying and heating; our expertise lies in the broad field of cooling. In other words, Coolworld and Polygon complement one another perfectly in terms of service provision. I am convinced this means that both partners will be able to offer their customers even more.”For 20 years, Coolworld has been involved in the rental of cooling and refrigeration equipment in combination with the provision of expert advice on tailor-made solutions, to a range of industrial sectors. Clients of Coolworld come from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry right through to the wholesale and retail sector, and from the hotel, restaurant and catering and event industry through to the distribution, storage and transhipment sector. “In our specialist field we are market leaders for the rental of mobile refrigeration and freezer cells (up to 100 m3) and are among the top 3 for process cooling (cooling water machines up to 900 kW) and climate control and air conditioning (up to 500 kW).
InternationalThe international character of Coolworld is expressed by the fact that the company operates branches, depots and service points in a total of six countries; alongside the Netherlands, Coolworld has facilities in Belgium, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. The company has a total workforce of 100 people, of whom 55 in the Netherlands. “The strength of Coolworld lies in the combination of the flexible, 24/7 availability of the perfect cooling equipment, with tailor-made advice during installation by one of our specialist staff. On behalf of our clients, we have to hand – or are quickly able to come up with – the perfect solution to all your cooling requirements,” confirmed Buijzen. At its head offices in Waalwijk and at locations in Amsterdam and Zwolle, the company maintains a wide range of equipment on stock for rental to industrial users throughout the Netherlands. The available equipment includes (mobile) cooling cells, deep-frozen and freezing cells, refrigerated and frozen containers, reefers, cold-water machines, chillers, heat exchangers, (mobile and fixed) air conditioners, air handlers and air treatment units.Buijzen is positive about the expected results from collaboration with Polygon. “I am confident that this venture will prove a success both for the partners and for our clients. Together, in the Netherlands and in the five other countries in which both companies operate, we will be able to offer our clients a broader and better range of services. One additional advantage is that the collaborative venture requires no further investment from either company in terms of specialist manpower or equipment. In the future, we will be able to make optimum use of the equipment, know-how and expertise in the fields of drying and heating available from Polygon, while they can rely on us to reciprocate in terms of professional cooling, making this a win-win situation, all-round.”
More information:Coolworld International Tel: +31 (0)416 – 688 088

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