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    Dairy plant goes for Coolworld quality

    By: Coolworld International

    A Coolworld customer, active in the dairy industry, has been holding its ground as a small company amidst giant mass producers for over a hundred years. This requires absolute top quality, and nothing is left to chance: from caring for the cows to delivering the products to the customer. Even a temporary shortage of cooling space is handled very professionally: by renting from Coolworld!

    This company is a dairy plant that has been owned by the same family for over 100 years. The approx. 20 employees produce speciality products from cow and goat's milk every day. The company is highly respected, not only for keeping the traditional, artisanal processing of dairy and cheese products alive, but also for offering its customers an ample choice of high-quality products. 
    The traditional and artisanal production process must be combined with good cooling in order for the dairy products to fulfil contemporary requirements. The great increase in demand led to the company expecting that it would be faced with a shortage in cooling capacity in the summer. 

    The solution provided by Coolworld, renting an HACCP-certified 30 m³ cold-storage cell for four months, was found to be an excellent decision, both from a quality and a financial perspective. The result was as expected: in spite of the hot summer, peaks in production were no problem to this dairy plant at all.