Flexible rental solution for cooling during a rebuild project

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Coolworld quite frequently participates in projects that call for a temporary cooling solution. Prior to a rebuilding project, the Facilities Manager of a museum was looking for a specialist that would be able to fill its specific temporary cooling needs. This was discussed with the installer that was going to replace the museum's cooling installation and it did not take them long to choose Coolworld. Experience and reliability play a very important role in this kind of project. However, a decisive factor to opt for Coolworld was its attractive rental price. 
The computers in the two vault rooms where valuable collections are stored had to be provided with cold water cooling during the work. Two connections to the existing pipework were made and the temporary cold water facility was connected to them. Coolworld installed a 25 kW cold-water machine, connected to an open heat exchanger. A separate pump was used to transport water of a temperature of 7 °C to the computers. 
Coolworld's rental solution perfectly compensated for the temporary loss of the primary cooling installation during the rebuilding work.


If you have an emergency or are unsure of what specific temperature control you require, please call us. A local specialized engineer will be able to assist you with your decision-making. Or use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible: