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    Mega-sized Coolworld cold-storage cells enable the meat-processing industry to account for fluctuations in production

    By: Coolworld International

    Three rented mega-sized cold-storage cells have earned their permanent place right next to the 6,000 m2 production halls of a Coolworld customer. Each cell has a cubic capacity of 100 cubic metres. The company has decided to rent for a longer period, which is quite uncommon, but this enables this customer to wait for the right moment to make new investments in permanent cooling areas. 

    This is a meat-processing company with 80 employees. Through continuous innovation, this company manages to introduce new, ready to eat convenience products into the market time and again. The company was established in 1973 and now supplies to bulk users, caterers and gastronomic sectors throughout Europe. And the company now also successfully serves the retail world, enabling this Coolworld customer to grow substantially. 

    The three mega-sized cold-storage cells enable the meat-processing company to perfectly handle any variations in the stock requirement for different end products. Of course, these installations comply with the most stringent HACCP standards, giving them the same quality level as permanent cold stores.