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    The right temperature for a supplier in the automotive industry

    By: Coolworld International

    A full-service supplier to the automotive industry, and a Coolworld customer, distinguishes itself from its competitors through its excellence. This excellence is given shape through high-tech design, construction, testing and production developments and, last but not least, by delivering 100% quality. 
    Just like this automotive supplier, Coolworld is a full-service supplier, but we specialise in temporary cooling equipment for industrial customers. Looking at it this way, it is logical that Coolworld was awarded the assignment for a cooling project from this company. 
    Coolworld not only provides high-quality materials and service, it also delivers a high level of quality throughout the project. Specialist knowhow of industrial cooling needs and accurate expertise are strengths that Coolworld offers its business partners. And this customer's technical management can also rely on Coolworld's swift response. 
    The customer is one of the major suppliers of on-board network systems, vehicle electronics and connection technology for the automotive industry. It supplies car manufacturers all over the world. The company employs approx. 75,000 people in more than 197 production sites in some 37 countries. It has 5,000 employees across 25 sites in more than 20 towns in Germany alone. The site where Coolworld is active for this company produces single and multiple connectors, current distributors, fuses and fuse boxes 24/7/365.