Privacy policy and data protection

Coolworld International B.V. is a 100% subsidiary of Crystallum BV; hereafter called “Coolworld Rentals”. In the past few years Coolworld Rentals has developed into a leading player in the rental market of cooling and heating solutions. In its own establishments in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland, customer orientation, innovation, flexibility and quality are key. With a wide range of smart products, a large, well-maintained rental fleet and a 24/7/365 service organisation, Coolworld Rentals is a reliable partner for many customers in many sectors.


Coolworld Rentals is seriously committed to the protection of Personal Data which it obtains from Data Subjects (hereafter called “User”, “you”, “your”), both offline (e.g. via forms in paper form, business cards, requests, contracts, statements (hereafter called “Forms”)) and online via the website (hereafter called ”Website”) or via inter alia (without being exhaustive), (web) applications, software and digital tools of Coolworld Rentals (hereafter called “Applications”).


In accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (GDPR), and to:

  • guarantee transparency with regard to the nature of the Personal Data which we gather, both offline via Forms or online via the Website and/or Applications;
  • guarantee transparency with regard to the collected Personal Data;
  • support Data Subjects in exercising their rights; we have drawn up this Privacy Policy relating to Data Protection.

The protection of your Personal Data is important for us. It is our intention to process your Personal Data in a lawful, appropriate and transparent manner.


1. Data controllers and joint data controllers and data processors

1.1 Data controllers

We wish to inform you that all Personal Data which you furnish offline via Forms or online via the Website and/or the Applications to Coolworld International B.V., having its registered office in 5145 NV Waalwijk at Duikerweg 34, the Netherlands, (Chamber of Commerce registration number KVK 16072250), in its capacity of data controller, will be used for the purposes described below.

Coolworld Rentals acts in the capacity of Data Controller with regard to the Processing of Personal Data which are collected offline via Forms or online via the Website and/or the Applications.


1.2 Data processors

Coolworld Rentals can also act as Data Processor on behalf of its sister companies which also form part of the Coolworld group. 


2. Personal data we collect and purposes for which we collect data

Personal data we process

In so far as necessary Coolworld collects, processes, registers, stores and hands over Personal Data of Data Subjects which were provided offline via Forms or online via the Website and/or the Applications, e.g. when visiting the Website; when using Applications; when filling in registration forms offline or online; reporting breaches; contacting Coolworld; sending job applications; clicking on social media tests; giving feedback (e.g. about Forms, products and services, Applications, the Website, the customer service); answering (telephone) surveys and other actions.


Personal data are collected on an optional or on a mandatory basis. If the provision of the Personal Data is mandatory, this will be indicated. If a Data Subject does not provide or refuses to provide the Personal Data which Coolworld indicated were mandatory, Coolworldwill not be able to execute the process or the activity requested by said Data Subject.


An example of Personal Data which are referred to as mandatory is the situation whereby a Data Subject wishes to submit a contact form. In such case Coolworld requires certain personal data to be able to process the contact request. If the Data Subject wishes to make contact but the personal data which are specified as mandatory are not provided, Coolworld cannot accept and process the contact request.


Coolworld can collect Personal Data with or without the consent of the Data Subject if: 1) a statutory obligation must be performed; 2) a contract in which the Data Subject is party, must or will be performed; 3) legitimate interests, general interest or vital interests must be protected which have priority over the Data Subject's interests; 4) Coolworld is requested by a public authority to process Personal Data. 


Coolworld can furthermore only process your Personal Data:

  • if the purpose of the further Processing can be reconciled with the purposes for which your Personal Data were originally collected;
  • if you agree to the further Processing for a new purpose which cannot be reconciled with the purposes for which your Personal Data were originally collected.

In paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 below you will find an overview of the Personal Data which we collect and the purposes for which we collect these data. 


2.1 Personal data on you or third parties which we collect

Depending on the purpose of any Processing and in so far as necessary you can be asked to provide various Personal Data, including your name, forename, date and place of birth, gender, job, address, telephone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, IP address, language, country, nationality, ID card number, driving licence number, Citizen Service Number (BSN number), passport number, career, employer, profession, customer number, location data, personal social media URL, credit card number, preferences, interests, feedback, data regarding your activities on our website, data on your surfing behaviour across various websites (e.g. because this company is part of an advertising network), list of your customer contact details via an app, Internet browser and apparatus type.

We also make use of Personal Data which you have furnished to third parties, e.g. service providers, or of Personal Data which fall in the public domain, such as generally recognised Personal Data, Personal Data which are visible on your own website or blog or which occur on your publicly accessible profile page on social media.


Coolworld can also receive Personal Data via third parties after a merger, takeover or other important events.


2.1.1 Purpose of the collecting of Personal Data.

After we have collected the Personal Data, we use them for a number of different purposes. Following is an overview:

Business administration and customer management.

Coolworld Rentals must be able to properly perform contracts and to execute all necessary statutorily mandated and accounting processes. Consequently, Coolworld Rentals needs specific Personal Data of the Data Subjects, which are provided offline via Forms or online via the Website and Applications. In accordance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016, for the performance of contracts, the consent of the Data Subject who is or will be a party to the contract is not required. With regard to the management of customer relationships and the provision of customer services, Coolworld Rentals makes use of Personal Data (inter alia name, country, language, e-mail address, customer number) to:

  • assess whether it is feasible to rent products or provide services to a customer before making a contract;
  • process written requests of customers, orders of rental products and services by customers;
  • identify customers and contact them for a discount;
  • carry out a customer credit check;
  • inform customers about promotional campaigns and events of Coolworld Rentals and to send invitations;
  • manage the access to the locations of Coolworld Rentals, the Website and the Applications;
  • organise and execute maintenance activities for customers and installers;
  • inform customers about coming maintenance / repair / inspection. 

Product distribution

Coolworld Rentals makes use of Personal Data for the distribution of its rental products, and in particular to:

  • assist Coolworld Rentals and its sister companies with regard to the distribution of rental products and the provision of services via recognised agencies, Business Partners, the Website and/or via Applications;
  • assist service providers (including transporters, service partners, etc.) with the delivery of the rental products, parts and services (Personal Data, for example, occur in delivery notes with the transport of a rented product or service);
  • optimise sales and services by fleshing out offers for customers;
  • improve the distribution of our rental products and services;
  • follow up the technical data of installations and the status of contracts and projects;
  • organise and provide training for customers, installers, employees and sub-contractors.

Supplier's administration

Coolworld Rentals makes use of Personal Data to keep registers of suppliers and service providers and to register and manage purchase orders, operating costs and invoices of suppliers or service providers.

Direct marketing


Coolworld Rentals, a specialist in the full-service rental of cooling technology, climate control, heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and solutions, can provide you with specific information tailored to your needs. For example, Coolworld Rentals can use the details of your transaction to keep you updated about services, offers and suggestions that relate to your recent purchase/rental order history. This is what we refer to as “direct marketing”.

Coolworld Rentals uses collected Personal Data, Personal Data which are publicly available(e.g. information which is available on the Internet, via the results of search instructions or via social media) or Personal Data which were received from third parties (e.g. Internet providers) with an eye on direct marketing and to attract new customers.

Coolworld Rentals also engages in direct marketing for organising internal events, business trips, presentations, meetings of employees, customers and Business Partners.


Coolworld Rentals engages in direct marketing via a number of media, such as text messages, after sales (telephone) surveys, e-mail, the Website, online advertisements, database marketing, Applications and events.


Coolworld Rentals engages in direct marketing on the basis of its legitimate interest which consists in promoting its commercial interests.


If you do not wish to receive a personalised offer, you can refuse consent if you are asked whether you wish to receive direct marketing.


Improvement of quality of products and services.

Coolworld Rentals uses Personal Data which were collected via Forms, job applications, questionnaires, (telephone) surveys, comments, feedback provided to Coolworld Rentals or other businesses of the Coolworld group to improve its products and services, conduct further surveys, to develop analytical, risk, marketing and other models and to prepare statistics. Coolworld Rentals can use the data from your transactions to develop rough designs and execute analyses.


Example: It might be necessary that Coolworld Rentals has to process the number of persons who rented a specific Coolworld Rentals product or requested a specific service.


In this framework Coolworld Rentals will try to collect the Personal Data as much as possible in anonymous or pseudonymised form to ensure that these Personal Data cannot easily or can no longer be identified as your data.

The practice of the Processing of Personal Data for statistical purposes is particularly justified by the wish of Coolworld Rentals to make strategic choices for better performance on the market and to be able to provide you with better products and services.

Personal Data can also be used to assess, simplify and improve the processes of Coolworld Rentals, e.g. to optimise campaigns, procedures and sales, both offline and online, via the Website and/or Applications.


Example: if you have not completely gone through a procedure or the rental process, we can contact you to determine what went wrong and whether we can help you. In such case we will limit our contacts to technical and administrative support for the specific procedure of the specific process.


Recruitment and Selection

With an eye on the recruitment of new employees Coolworld Rentals collects Personal Data such as, inter alia, the name, the e-mail address, the telephone number, information about the career, the URL to social media in the framework of both spontaneous and directed job applications of persons applying for a job, an international internship or a student trainee position.


The Personal Data which are provided by job applicants (by filling in Forms or registering and creating a personal account on the Website or when using Applications) will be used for the Processing of job applications, contacting job applicants with an eye on personnel management, the management of recruitment procedures (e.g. inviting job applicants to interviews and taking written tests) and drawing up employment contracts.


Coolworld Rentals can request to save the Personal Data of applicants who were not hired at the end of the selection procedure for later contact. 


Personnel Administration and Salary Benefits

Coolworld Rentals makes use of Personal Data for personnel management and in particular for:


  • the management and updating of employment contracts and the payroll administration;
  • payment of wages and salaries;
  • keeping track of the presence of the employees, their movements and training;
  • communication with the relevant agencies such as the Revenue Service, (social) insurance agencies, Occupational Health and Safety Service, benefits agencies;
  • providing insurance, business equipment and wage advantages connected to 
  • performance for employees.


Coolworld Rentals makes use of Personal Data in the framework of the accounts and with an eye on:


  • updating data on transactions
  • drawing up invoices relating to delivered goods and services;
  • filling in tax returns and related forms to perform tax obligations;
  • preparing statistics on the basis of the data relating to the transactions (e.g. the 
  • number of transactions and the area in which they were carried out);
  • compliance with the applicable legislation and the statutory requirements, at national, European and international level.

Legal action and Disputes

We can make use of Personal Data as evidence and to determine, exercise and indemnify the rights of Coolworld Rentals and of the entities represented by Coolworld Rentals ( disputes) before every district court of every country (e.g. the right of Coolworld Rentals to protect itself against unfair competition or the right of Coolworld Rentals to demand payment of an outstanding invoice).


We can also make use of Personal Data to prevent, track down and investigate criminal offences and cyber risks for a legitimate interest or if this is requested by a government agency.


Corporate Business & Housekeeping.

Coolworld Rentals will furnish the collected Personal Data to and/or use them together with other companies of the Coolword group and/or its Business Partners, but only if this is necessary with an eye on drawing up periodic reports on results and company-related aspects, business plans and business strategies.


Coolworld Rentals will process Personal Data of EU citizens which are collected in a legitimate manner by another company of the Coolword group, unless there is a legal impediment (e.g. a duty of confidentiality or a provision in the legislation regarding data protection).


Coolworld Rentals undertakes to take all appropriate measures for the protection of Personal Data with regard to communications within the group, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016.


2.2 Personal Data which we collect based on your use of the website and/or the applications

2.2.1 Purpose of collecting Personal Data.

If you visit the Website and/or use Applications, Coolworld collects specific Personal Data for the following purposes:


Simplification of the use of the Website and/or the Applications.

By collecting certain Personal Data (e.g. IP address, log-in data), Coolworld can adjust theWebsite and/or the Applications to your needs.

By using Cookies, Coolworld will automatically collect specific data, such as apparatus specific data (e.g. IP address, type browser), log-in information (e.g. search instructions), information in connection with geo-localisation (e.g. via the Wi-Fi access point), to simplify the use of the Website and/or the Applications and increase ease of use.


For example: to support and simplify your identification process, we store your user name and password by means of a Cookie, so that you no longer have to enter your identification details or personal details with every visit.

Coolworld makes use of different types of Cookies: necessary, functional, Social Plug-in, tracking, indirect advertising and direct analytic cookies. 


Cookies, or comparable techniques which we use

Coolworld Rentals uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored when you first visit this website in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Coolworld Rentals uses cookies with a purely technical functionality. These ensure that the website works properly and that, e.g., your preferred settings are remembered. These cookies are also used to have the website work properly and to optimise the website. In addition, we place cookies which keep track of your surfing behaviour so that we can offer customised content and advertisements. 


Third parties also place cookies on this website. Such third parties can be, for example, advertisers and/or social media companies. An overview is set out below:


Cookie: Google Analytics

Name: utma, utmb, utmc, utmv and utmz

Function: Analytical cookie which measures website visits

Sharing: Google does not share any anonymous data with third parties.

Kept for: 2 years


Cookie: Coolworld CMS

Name: token

Function: the ‘token’ cookie is placed through CMS and is a HTTP only cookie; it cannot be read out in browser via javascript. This cookie keeps track of what session a request belongs with. It does not contain any personal data.


On the webserver side no data is recorded relating to submitted forms. The only thing that is recorded are search criteria, however, no personal data are recorded here. 


You can opt out of cookies by setting your internet browser up to no longer save cookies. In addition, you can also remove all information which was previously stored via the settings of your browser.


Follow-up in relation to the interests and preferences of the Data Subject.

Via its Website and/or Applications, on the basis of consent or a legitimate interest, Coolworld can follow up Personal Data in a systematic and regular manner via technologies for automated decision making and Cookies. This takes place to assess certain personal aspects relating to a natural person, in particular to analyse or produce characteristics concerning professional performance, economic situation, personal preferences or interests, reliability, behaviour, location or movements (geo-localisation) of that natural person.


3. Will collected personal data be disclosed to third parties? 

For the aforementioned purposes Coolworld might have to make use of the services, the advice and/or the assistance of third parties, e.g. for maintenance of Applications and fixing bugs, the purchase of Applications, the hosting of data, advice with regard to compliance with statutes and regulations, the development of Applications, services in the area of human resources, inventory services, services of internet providers, preparing statistics, etc.


If necessary we can pass the collected Personal Data on to or disclose it to natural persons or legal persons, to subcontractors and Business Partners who do not belong to the Coolworld group.


Coolworld does not sell your Personal Data to third parties for their own use. 


Every time we pass on or disclose collected Personal Data to third parties – except in the event of a legitimate interest of the third party - Coolworld will make a processing agreement with such third party in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, in which the third party is requested to comply with the principles and provisions of this Regulation and to comply with the applicable standards relating to security.


4. Passing on personal data to third countries (non-EU)

In the framework of the above-described purposes Coolworld will share the collected Personal Data of Data Subjects in the European Union with other companies of the Coolworld group and/or Business Partners who may be based in countries outside of the EU.


We would like to point out to you that Coolworld has provided suitable standard contract provisions and suitable guarantees for the passing on of Personal Data within the Coolworld group. In the event of passing on Personal Data to a non-EU country Coolworld undertakes:


  • to offer a suitable protection level by providing suitable safeguards and compliance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 679/2016;
  • to manage the passing on of Personal Data on the basis of:
  1. a) the adequacy decisions of the European Commission; if they do not exist
  2. b) standard contract terms/clauses; if they do not exist
  3. c) a code of conduct approved by the competent supervisory authority/official safety certifications.
  • to manage the passing on of Personal Data on the basis of the consent of the Data Subject whose Personal Data must be passed on or on the basis of the deviations provided in Article 49 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 if the data cannot be passed on pursuant to what has been set out above under a), b) and c).

5. Storing data and criteria

We make use of your Personal Data in so far as necessary and only with an eye on the above-described purposes. 

The basic principle for saving your Personal Data is the statutory storage term. This term can be longer if this is necessary for the exercising of our rights.


If no fixed storage term is stipulated by law, the term can be shorter, depending on one or more of the following criteria: duration of the contract and statutory obligations; company and organisational needs; long-term business relationship; direct marketing; statistics.


Certain information only becomes clear when viewed over a longer period. That is why a longer storage term may be necessary for some kinds of Personal Data (e.g. the information which is necessary to prepare marketing and risk models).


As already stated, Coolworld undertakes to work as much as possible with Personal Data collected in anonymised or pseudonymised form and will in any event stop the link to individual persons as soon as possible.


6. Your rights as Data Subject and how to exercise them

If you have questions about the protection of your Personal Data or the exercising of your rights, you can always contact Coolworld or one of its sister companies, either by telephone 085 019 2397, or by sending an e-mail to


As soon as your Personal Data are processed, you have various rights as a Data Subject. These are listed below.

If you wish to exercise your rights, you must be as specific as possible. Coolworld can give a suitable answer to questions which are presented with sufficient detail. Coolworld will have to check your identity as precisely as possible to avoid that someone else tries to exercise your rights. That is why when presenting your question you will be asked to present valid proof of ID.


You can have access to your Personal Data.


If you want to have access to your Personal Data which are processed by Coolworld, or if you want to know more about:

  • the purposes of our Processing;
  • the relevant categories of Personal Data;
  • the categories of recipients to whom the Personal Data were or will be disclosed;
  • the expected storage term or the criteria which apply to determine that term;
  • the rights of the Data Subject;
  • the rights which you can exercise with regard to the Processing;
  • the existence of automated decision making, including profiling, and the expected consequences; and other suitable information about the Processing of your Personal Data, please fill in the form below. 

We will only use the Personal Data you provide to us via the form to study and Process your question.


If you exercise your right to access, Coolworld will provide you with the most comprehensive list possible or a copy of your Personal Data.


You can supplement/improve/delete/limit the processing of your Personal Data. 

It is possible that certain Personal Data which are in Coolworld's possession are not (or no longer) correct. It is also possible that you might wish to add something to the Personal Data which you have given to us. You can always ask that your Personal Data are improved or supplemented.


If you want Coolworld to delete your Personal Data, your request will be processed, unless the deleting of data involves an impediment or irreconcilability in accordance with the statutory provisions of legitimate interests. 


You can request transfer of your Personal Data to yourself or to third parties.


If your Personal Data were collected electronically, you can request the transfer of the Personal Data which you have furnished to yourself or to third parties.

You can revoke your consent for the Processing of your Personal Data.


Bear in mind that, every time when you give Coolworld consent to process your Personal Data, you can easily revoke this consent at any time by following the procedure therefore. 


You can object to the Processing or to the Processing by automated decision making systems.

If you do not agree with the way in which Coolworld invokes its legitimate interest in processing certain Personal Data, you can object to this. We will process objections, unless there are valid or legitimate reasons not to do so (for example, an objection will be dismissed if the Processing of Personal Data has taken place with an eye on combating fraud). If you do not agree with the Processing via automated individual decision making with an eye on direct marketing by Coolworld, you can always object.


If you do not agree with the way in which Coolworld processes your Personal Data or if you have other questions on the matter, you can always contact the Data Protection Authority of the country where you are based (for example, if you are based in the Netherlands, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority: or the Belgian Data Protection Authority; Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer, Drukpersstraat, 35, 1000 Bruxelles).


7. Data Protection Officer

The contact details of the Coolword Data Protection Officer: E-mail address: attn.: (for the attention of) Coolworld Data Protection Officer, Duikerweg 34, 5145 NV Waalwijk, the Netherlands.


8. Minors

Our website and/or service does not intend to gather data on website visitors who are younger than 16, unless they have the consent of a parent or guardian. However, we cannot verify if a visitor is older than 16 years of age. We therefore advise parents to be involved in the online activities of their children, in order to prevent data being collected about children without parental consent. If you believe that we have collected personal data about a minor without the requisite consent, please contact us on privacy@coolworld, we will then remove this information.


9. Security measures for the protection of Personal Data

Coolworld has taken suitable security measures to safeguard the integrity and security and to prevent destruction, loss, alteration, authorised furnishing of or unauthorised access to the passed on, stored or otherwise disclosed data, either by accident or wrongfully, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 679/2016.

10. Further changes to this policy relating to data protection

Coolworld is continually striving to improve the protection of Personal Data provided to it. This Data Protection Policy can be altered or updated by future legislation, at international, European and national level.


Coolworld will keep you abreast of all essential changes in this Data Protection Policy, both offline and online (e.g. via the Website, upon your first visit or upon any update of this Data Protection Policy).


The most recent version of our Data Protection Policy is always available on: 


Finally: Our vision and explanation of privacy and data processing.

Coolworld Rentals processes and stores your data for the performance of our contract with you or to comply with a statutory obligation. For example, think of the ‘business’ name and address details of persons with signing authority. As a service provider and service-oriented organisation, Coolworld Rentals likes to be close to you as a customer, this is in order to offer a suitable solution as quickly as possible and to immediately have contact with the right person. For example, think of such things as emergencies, including mobile phone numbers in emergency plans or availability of persons within your organisation for our 24/7 service where you yourself give consent for processing in contracts or applicable documents.


In practice, offering customised service and customer-specific business solutions sometimes requires that we store knowledge about your organisation in our ERP system. As you can read in the above-mentioned privacy statement, 'data which can be traced back to individuals' is only stored for a longer period of time to a very limited degree. Use of contact data is purely and solely intended for functional communication during but also between rental periods. Rental periods vary from a few weeks to sometimes longer periods of several years (which can be extended in the interim). Coolworld Rentals is, at heart, a rental organisation which offers ‘temporary’ solutions. In practice this therefore entails that there is not always stable periodic customer contact: We assist some customers every year at a fixed time, we might assist other customers once every 5 years or perhaps every 10 years (for example if there has been an emergency situation, capacity shortage during remodelling work or (summer) peak periods). In order to stay in contact with you as our customer (in particular the latter group) it is our goal to have contact with you at least 1x per year and to monitor your data. Other forms of contact which you can register for or opt out of at any time are:


The Coolworld Rentals E-newsletter 

Frequency: maximum 4x a year at the e-mail address you specify to us Contents: Reminders and alerts for coming season peaks, new products or industry-specific practical cases as well as test set-ups and practical assistance documents.


Opting out: In every e-mailing you will find an opt-out link in the footnote. Please click on this link and follow the instructions. For correct automated processing, we kindly ask that you use the aforementioned opt-out link. Should you nevertheless no longer wish to receive the emailings, send your request by e-mail to 


We will then process your opt-out request in our system as soon as possible.


Registering: send an e-mail to and state in the e-mail your postal details to which the registration applies.


The Coolworld Rentals magazine

Frequency: 2x a year at the postal address specified by you.


Contents: Coolworld Rentals is constantly on the move. In a spring and autumn edition of our house magazine we are proud to show what we have been able to do for customers at home and abroad. Coolworld Rentals magazine provides an inside look at our business, ranging from interesting project reports to new rental solutions and developments.


Opting out: send an e-mail to and state in the e-mail your postal details and contact person to which the opt-out applies.


Registering: Vice versa send an e-mail to and state in the e mail your postal details to which the registration applies.


Coolworld Rentals, like every healthy business, is keen to have a long-term relationship with all its customers, from this perspective we will remain in contact with you in a low-threshold, on disruptive manner desired by you. Do you have objections of any kind, do you wish to opt out of notifications, has your situation changed or do you want to inspect your personal data that we are keeping? Send an e-mail with your request to or contact your local Coolworld Rentals contact person.


We are happy to be of service now and in the future

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