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Refrigerated storage rental

For cold storage, freezing, tempering or (ultra-low) freezing of products up to -70 °C. Coolworld offers you several ready to use and moveable types of refrigerated storage rental solutions. Available in any required dimensions or to your specification. You have capacity rapidly on location with our directly deployable refrigerated storage rental cells, delivered ready for use from stock. Flexible solutions for as long as you need them.

Temperature range

-70 °C to +35 °C.


3 to 28 Euro pallets or modularly expandable.


10 m³ to 100 m³ or modularly expandable.

Certified & reliable

In accordance with EU hygiene and safety standards.

Providing the best solution for you

We have all the expertise in-house to provide a complete solution together with you, the project team, installer or contractor.

Applications Refrigerated storage

 Conditioned storage of your quality ingredients, raw materials and temperature-sensitive products. 

Safe cold storage for drinks, food, catering and events. 

Chilling and freezing with stable temperatures for semi-finished products, pharmaceutical products and plastics. 

Temporary test set-up for laboratories, specimens and research.

That's why you choose Coolworld

Flexible and scalable

Planned or unplanned project? We fill the cooling and heating gap for as long as necessary with a full service solution.

Certified and experienced

Reliable equipment. Dedicated teams with refrigeration and HVAC specialists. Familiar with your field of work, standards and processes.

Complete and turn-key

Your complete solution with the necessary modern peripherals and accessories is quickly available and delivered ready for use.

24/7/365 Service

Specialists are always ready for you. In case of emergencies, for quick intervention, service and all of your questions.

10 to 100 m³ down to -60°C

An operational HACCP cold-storage room or freezer for 10 -100 m³ of cold storage: cooling, freezing, tempering or quick shock-freezing of products. Specially developed in-house for rental purposes. Each unit can be delivered ready-to-use from stock, is mobile, easy to clean and readily accessible. Our range of cold-storage facilities consists of cold-storage rooms, freezers, quick-freezers and shock-freezers, tempering cold-storage rooms, tempering freezer rooms and ultra-low freezers.

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