The wide diversity of Coolworld's customers shows just how strongly rental cooling and heating are associated with all sectors. Full Service Rental is more than just delivering equipment. Coolworld makes sure that the solution offered seamlessly matches your wishes, location and application. Would you like to know what we can do for your organisation? Please feel free to contact our rental specialists, fill in the contact form, or call us for further information. Coolworld loves helping you! 
Rental cold storage cell deployed within the food supply chain for the frozen storage of cold packs
Flexible deployment of climate control for temporary storage of flower bulbs
Coolworld offers solution for inventive veggie burger production process
Rental of modular cold storage cells offers flexibility for artisan production companies
Smart application of rented cooling for the distribution of medicines with cold packs
Modular cold storage cell ideal solution for temporary shortage of storage capacity
Rental of cold storage cells as high-quality solution for laboratory analysis
Additional freezing capacity for production bakery, renting shock freezers in customised configuration
Temporary room cooling during expansion project in the food logistics sector
Reliable cooling guarantees uninterrupted production process in the chemical sector
Refrigerated storage and room cooling for storage and transhipment and fresh warehousing
Additional cooling for storage warehouse for pharmaceutical products and gel packs
Rapid recovery of production process in the high-tech industry thanks to rental of professional chillers
Rental of process cooling solution for new build projects in the plastics industry
1 MW chillers deployed for cooling biomass at water purification installation
Emergency cooling, storage and room cooling for fresh distribution centre
Flexible rental solution for cooling during a rebuild project
Dynamic logistic process with constant temperature at a flower auction
Mega-sized Coolworld cold-storage cells enable the meat-processing industry to account for fluctuations in production


If you have an emergency or are unsure of what specific temperature control you require, please call us. A local specialized engineer will be able to assist you with your decision-making. Or use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible: