Rental cold storage cell deployed within the food supply chain for the frozen storage of cold packs

Delivering quality: a core value for so many businesses. Including Airfrigo. This company, that operates in the Air cargo sector, based near Orly airport and Rungis International Market, is a vital link in the transport of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs. To guarantee the intended product quality, an additional cold storage cell was installed alongside the existing refrigerator storage facility close to the French airport.

Temperature control for the air cargo sector

In solid but lightweight insulated packaging material, everything is prepared carefully for transport. Cold packs are then inserted between the products in order to maintain optimum temperature throughout the transport operation. Moisture-absorbing icepacks are also used for the same purpose. The rented cold storage cell from Coolworld is the ideal solution for the storage of these cold packs.


Airfrigo, near Orly airport and Rungis International Market, air cargo sector.

Needs & Challenge 

Frozen and refrigerated storage for the storage and transhipment of temperature-sensitive foodstuffs for air cargo.

Temporary storage of cold packs for transport.


Temporary cold storage cell type VC05.


Additional freezing capacity on site to support a dynamic logistic process.

Rapid upgrading of rental freezing capacity during peak periods.

Increased efficiency in the cold supply chain. 

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