• Rental of cold stores and ultra low freezers up to -70 °C

    Extra storage capacity. Flexible and immediately available

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  • Process cooling rental for industry and building

    For all your planned projects or emergencies

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  • Temporary climate control needed? Rent extra capacity

    Tailored flexible solutions for every situation

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  • Rental of industrial heating systems and boilers

    Heatworld offers a suitable solution for your every temporary heating need

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Looking to temporarily rent cooling, cold storage or other cooling or heating-related equipment?

Explore our Full Service Rental Solutions.

Are you looking for rental cooling or heating for a specific sector?

Our experienced teams can help you plan for every situation, from emergencies to versatile projects.

The best solution for you.

Full Service Rental of Temperature Control

Why rent with Coolworld?

Coolworld Rentals offers your company the ideal solution to help with your temporary capacity problems, outages, events, renovations, revision or as a temporary backup of your fixed installation.

Carefree rental solutions

  • Direct advice for your cooling or heating request.
  • Always made to measure: for urgent and/or long-term rental projects.
  • Flexible and solution-oriented
  • All in rental formula: From advice, installing and setting up, through to collecting the installation at the end of the rental period, Coolworld is always synonymous with carefree rental.

Is your cooling or heating installation defective or in repair?

Delivery of a temporary professional rental solution is possible within a few hours. In case of a malfunction of your permanent cooling or heating, if your air conditioning system is defective or if your cooling installation, cold store or heating is in repair.

  • Full Service Rental 24/7/365
  • Wide, directly deployable rental fleet.
  • Expert technical advice
  • Fast delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Dedicated transport and service
  • In compliance with environmental and safety standards (HACCP and GMP).

Our customers rate our service highly

8,4 Explore our rental projects. Solutions tailored to your operation, process and business.


If you have an emergency or are unsure of what specific temperature control you require, please call us. A local specialized engineer will be able to assist you with your decision-making. Or use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible: