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Do you need to rent a cold-storage cell, freezer, process cooling, air conditioner or heating urgently?

Looking to temporarily rent a cooler, cold storage, or other cooling or heating-related equipment? Coolworld Rentals offers you the ideal solution for temporary capacity problems, events, downtime, or renovation or overhaul of your permanent installation. We rent out a range of HACCP-compliant mobile cold-storage cells, freezers and other cold storage units, as well as our extensive line of process cooling, climate control and heating solutions.  Our 24/7 service team is at your disposal 365 days a year. Coolworld Rentals is always happy to help you find the right cooling or heating solution. For carefree rental: from advice, placing and adjusting to collecting the cooler after the rental period.

About Coolworld

Coolworld Rentals

Why Coolworld? Coolworld Rentals offers your company the ideal solution to help with your temporary capacity problems, events, equipment being down, or when you are renovating or overhauling your permanent systems. Our rental organisation offers a wide range of rental solutions. Coolworld helps you choose the right cooling or heating solution and ensures rapid delivery of any temporary or permanently rented equipment. From rental, advice, installing and setting up, through to collecting the installation at the end of the rental period, Coolworld is always synonymous with carefree rental.


If there is a problem with your permanent cooling or heating, if your air conditioner is down, or if your cooling installation or cold-storage room is being repaired, we can supply a temporary rental solution within a matter of hours.

The advantages:
  • 24/7/365 Full Service Rental
  • Quick delivery, installation and commissioning
  • Our own transport and our own service department
  • Compliance with environmental and safety standards (HACCP, GMP, VCA and STEK)
  • Expert technical advice
  • Flexible and solution-oriented


Versatile experience in many different markets:


The right climate and storage conditions are of primary importance in the food industry. When an emergency or a sudden need for extra capacity occurs, such as for temporary cold storage, Coolworld will help you fast and effectively by supplying systems for climate control, air treatment, temporary cold and frozen storage and heating. Our equipment fulfils all food industry requirements set on cooling in hospitality environments (e.g. data logging and alerting). Our cold-storage and freezer cells have been developed to comply with the HACCP and GMP standards. Coolworld also has extensive knowledge of Operational, Installation and Process Qualifications (OQ, IQ, and PQ).  

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Extreme outside temperatures can jeopardise the performance of both people and of machines. In that case, renting cooling equipment appears to be the best solution to an urgent problem for industrial companies. Coolworld provides efficient solutions, quickly, flexibly and professionally, for world-class products and services in all industrial sectors to ensure that the work can continue unabated. Of course, we also provide installation, 24/7/365 service, and similar activities. The products we often offer in this industry (rental) include industrial cooling (cooling installation), permanent and mobile cold-water machines, emergency cooling, industrial heaters and chillers.

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In order to ensure consumer safety, the retail business and supermarkets are covered by strict legislation and regulations. But the products that are presented must be of an optimum quality as well, for instance when a large stock of refrigerated fresh products needs to be stored. Cooling, ventilation and climate control play an important role in this sector (HACCP). Coolworld offers solutions for a complete shop, storage room, fresh produce department, bakery, meat department or cold storage cell, or for a specific part thereof. Examples of the products that we offer this sector for rental include a large cold-storage cell (for wholesale or supermarkets), a permanent or mobile freezer cell, cold storage, a heating unit and an air handler. 

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Installation & Project

Permanent cooling installations, air conditioning and heating installations require regular maintenance, repairs or even replacement, but this must never jeopardise a customer's business operations. In these situations, installers or project contractors can call on the services of Coolworld. You can rely on us to take a lot of work and worries out of your hands by constructing a completely turn-key temporary installation and removing it again at the end of the rental period. You can also opt to do the installation and commissioning yourself, with support from Coolworld.

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Fresh foodstuffs, flowers, hazardous substances, raw materials for medication, or any product that is stored for a short or a long time: they all have their own specific cooling requirement. Therefore, storage locations have to comply with several requirements; for example, storage conditions must be ideal as regards relative humidity, temperature, hygiene and light. Coolworld rents out systems for climate control, air treatment, temporary cold and frozen storage, and heating to companies in the distribution and storage and transhipment sectors.

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The agricultural sector and the food industry play an important role in the European economy. Being able to quickly and effectively respond to sudden climate changes (emergencies) like heat waves or frost is of vital importance to these sectors. The right storage system, the optimum equipment, the perfect climate, and proper storage conditions are also essential to good temporary storage. Coolworld helps by supplying systems that are suitable for greenhouse horticulture, for all kinds of products such as fruit and vegetables, potatoes or flowers, but also for seeds and mushrooms. In this context, the storage period is an important aspect. 
Within the livestock farming sector, pigs, cows, goats and poultry benefit from a constant temperature, the right relative humidity and low ammonia levels. Coolworld's systems have been found to be ideal for this. The systems that we frequently rent out to the agricultural sector include temporary cold-storage systems, crate storage, freezer cells, flow heaters and storage systems for products in bags and also heaters, including air heaters. 

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