Installation, projects and main-contractors

Building engineering, projects and main-contractors

Should the business operations of your client run the risk of standstill as a result of work to a permanent cooling, air-conditioning or heating system, the rental of temporary system offers the perfect solution. Coolworld is able to ease your worries with turnkey installation of a temporary system and its removal at the end of the rental period. You can also choose to install and operationalise the system yourself, if required with the support of Coolworld. In urgent situations, Coolworld can help avert damage by installing emergency facilities in next to no time.

Applications Installation, projects and main-contractors

Prevent stagnation or damage with a directly deployable solution from Coolworld. Also in case of renovation, expansion or replacement of a permanent installation, temporary renting gives a lot of advantages and flexibility, for example because the time pressure on the project is completely eliminated and the company continuity remains guaranteed. Coolworld delivers custom made solutions, precisely tuned to your needs: - Capacity shortages - Renovations - Test set-ups - Seasonal peaks - Events - Breakdowns and outages.

Temporary temperature-controlled (extra) space at your location

Temporary conditioned (extra) space at your location. (Food) safe storage for fresh, temperature-sensitive and quality products.

Temporary replacement or back-up fixed installations

Temporary replacement and connection to permanent process cooling and HVAC installations, for as long as you or the project needs them.

Rent climate control for (temporary) locations

The perfect room temperature for any location. Whether it is under construction or a temporary (event) location. You have an immediate solution at your disposal.

Unique set-ups, tests and research

Pilot and transition projects, test rigs, for technical rooms, new installations, laboratories and research.

Solutions Installation, projects and main-contractors

Cooperation (refrigeration) consultancies and installers

Coolworld values a close cooperation with industry related companies such as refrigeration consultancies and installers. During the installation of a new system or a renovation or revision, a temporary solution can be cost-saving. After all, this allows the customer's operation to continue without interruption. Meanwhile, the installer can plan his project efficiently and thus improve his decisiveness and efficiency.

Cooperation with reliable partners

As a customer, you want to be completely carefree. That is why we work closely together with fixed partners, for example in the field of power generators (diesel), transport and a wide range of component suppliers and specialised partners in the world of plant construction and temperature control. Together, we provide the best solution.

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