Wineries and winemaking

Rental refrigeration for wineries and the wine industry

Cooling processes that meet your expectations: cooling of harvest or must, perfect regulation of fermentation temperatures, air conditioning of rooms and cold storage. That's where Coolworld Rentals gladly helps you with the production of your quality wines. Quickly if necessary or as (planned) support with the production process during the season.

Applications Wineries and winemaking

Complete rental chiller solutions

Extra cooling capacity at processing  of grapes or test installations. 

Support of the fermentation process

Additional rental cooling, heat exchangers  and pumps during the harvesting season to your specification, usually between. 12 - 32 ˚C.

Additional climate control

For temperature control of  

storage rooms of quality wines and  

additional cooling of wine cellars, on your specification, usually between. 5 - 19 ˚C.

Temporary cold stores on your vineyard

For cooling of grapes and must before  processing. Storage of quality wine,  drinks and catering. 

Rental chillers for precise temperature control

Refrigeration plays an important role in the production of every quality wine. After all, precise process and storage temperatures contribute to the development of the characteristic taste. In viticulture and wine production, we help with seasonal demand for temporary cooling. For example, by deploying temporary chillers, so that production and fermentation processes can continue within precise tolerances. Carefree.  


Do you need extra cooling capacity to regulate temperatures in the fermentation process or of the must? Various rental chillers are at your disposal. We ensure that the temperature setting and adjustment is as you wish. 

                                                                                                                       Chillers and freezers for events in your vineyard

You do not produce on your own and you would like to serve your own quality wine cool on a larger scale at your own event? Coolworld delivers quickly and as long as necessary extra cooling- or freezing cells (HACCP compliant) for drinks storage or catering. Whether it concerns processes, space or storage, we deliver the cooling quality you need.  


Discover the possibilities in a no-obligation discussion. 

Support with rental cooling of processing areas, test facilities and processes.
Complete rental installations with chillers, buffer tanks and heat exchangers.
Cooling of must and harvest for processing.
Support in case of unforeseen failure of cooling systems.
Additional temperature control and air handlers for wine cellars and storage areas.

Food-safe rental solutions

When it comes to the rental solution for the winery or your process, food safety regulations are important. As far as the control under food safety and regulations are concerned, Coolworld supplies certified and HACCP compliant rental solutions. You can rely on our years of refrigeration experience in the food & beverage industry. Maintaining or even improving the quality of your product with test rigs and continuity of processes is what we do every day. You rent safely and without worries. 

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