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Tempering rooms rental

Looking for a good-quality flexible solution for extra heating or thawing capacity? Renting a tempering cell is the ideal solution for a temporary shortage, failure, renovation or overhaul of your permanent defrost room or quick thaw unit. The tempering cells are equipped with a built-in heating system, which can be set up and adjusted according to your wishes. The defrost rental units cooling and heating protocol can also be set according to your wishes. Temper your quality products in a controlled environment.

Temperature range

-70 °C to +50 °C. Set up entirely according to your specifications.


3 to 28 Euro pallets or modularly expandable.

Certified & reliable

10 m³ to 100 m³ or modularly expandable.

Certified & reliable

In accordance with EU hygiene and safety standards.

Rental Tempering rooms

Amount of pallets (euro) Power connection

Applications Tempering rooms

Tempering cold storage rooms from 10  to 100 m3, with client-specific configuration. Fast and reliable rental of tempering cold storage rooms. Re-cooling and defrosting in a tempering cell is carried out in line with a client-specified protocol. Coolworld can provide HACCP-compatible tempering cells which can be assembled and acclimatised to the requirements of the user. 
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 Conditioned storage of your quality ingredients, raw materials and temperature-sensitive products.

Safe cold storage for drinks, food, catering and events.

Chilling and freezing with stable temperatures for semi-finished products, pharmaceutical products and plastics.

Temporary test set-up for laboratories, specimens and research.

Functioning and accessories Tempering rooms

  • Safe and clean non-slip floor as standard.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting, strip curtains.
  • Smoothly opening door with edge heating from the inside.
  • HACCP and GMP compliant suitable for alimentary products.
  • Optionally equipped with datalogger or remote monitoring, alarm.
  • Optional accessories such as height-adjustable frames, plastic storage racks.
  • Supplied complete with (extension) cables, ramp and quickly operational.
  • Delivered turnkey and seamlessly integrated in your project.

Temporary tempering cold storage rooms rental of tempering units for recooling and de-frosting.

Temporary renting of a tempering cell is the ideal solution for an event, or when your permanent system is shutdown, or subject to renovation or reconditioning. Coolworld is happy to help provide the right configuration for your tempering cell. From advice, installation and conditioning to the collection of the cold-storage unit on completion of the rental period, you can count on a trouble-free service. 


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