Fish processing

Temporary cold storage solutions for the Fish processing industry

In the fish-processing industry, climate control and storage conditions are of primary importance. In the event of an emergency or where there is a need for extra capacity, Coolworld can help provide adequate solutions in the field of climate control, air-conditioning, and temporary cold storage and freezers for fish and shellfish. All equipment has been designed to conform to the requirements of the fish-processing industry. The cold storage and freezer cells satisfy HACCP and GMP standards. In addition to freezer units, quick freezers/shockfrosters and ultra low freezers are available. Coolworld also possesses know-how of Operational, Installation and Process Qualifications (OQ, IQ and PQ). As an optional extra, additional systems such as alarms, remote monitoring and data-logging can be installed and calibrated to meet your needs.

Applications Fish processing

The need for unexpected storage is characteristic for the fish processing industry. To prevent business or stock damage, Coolworld offers appropriate and quick solutions. We help with seasonal peaks and capacity shortages. Coolworld offers rental cooling, climate control and process cooling for products and processes for large companies and small enterprises.

Temporary temperature-controlled (extra) space at your location.

Food-safe storage for your fresh, fish and quality products.

Complete rental chiller solutions

Energy-efficient and food-safe rental solutions for your cooling processes.

Continuity of processes

Bridging the gap between a temporary lack of cooling and heating in your processes and hot or cold water supply.

Ventilation and humidity control

Keeping spaces of your production and packaging facilities within specific temperature limits.

Solutions Fish processing

In the fish, shellfish and seafood processing industry, climate and storage conditions are of primary importance. Whether it concerns fresh quality products straight from the sea or frozen, refrigerated fish products that are already in the shops, refrigeration always plays a crucial role. If there is one thing that is important within the fish sector, it is flexibility. At Coolworld Rentals, responding quickly is a matter of course.

In order to process, sell and prepare fish and seafood properly and safely, cleanliness is of great importance. Storage at the right temperature makes the difference. Coolworld is aware of the specific requirements in this sector and ensures that you can guarantee the best quality. Besides standard freezers we also have quick freezers / shock freezers and deep freeze containers available. A shock freezer, for example, guarantees that the structure of the fish remains intact (due to less formation of ice crystals).

Safe and certified rental

All our solutions meet the current requirements and regulations. For example, we work according to the HACCP standard and GMP norms. Coolworld has knowledge of OQ, IQ and PQ. Our products meet the ISO 22000-standard and the ISO 9001-standard. Tested, clean or delivered fully customized with the necessary certificates.

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