Rental solutions for wholesale

The food wholesale business imposes strict requirements on the reliability and certification of equipment. Coolworld has an extensive range of rental products which meet the requirements of the wholesale sector with solutions including air-conditioning, climate control, air-handling, temporary cold and freezer storage and heating. All equipment has been designed to conform to the requirements of the food-processing industry. The cold storage and freezer cells satisfy HACCP and GMP standards.

Applications Wholesale

Temporary temperature-controlled (extra) space at your location

Food-safe storage for your bevarages, fresh and quality products.

Complete rental chiller solutionshuur chiller oplossingen

Energy-efficient and food-safe rental solutions for your cooling and heating processes of (temporary) buildings.

The ideal temperature in every space

Keeping warehouses and distribution centres within specific temperature limits with our complete climate control rental solutions.

Rental boilers and heaters.

Bridging the gap in your processes and hot water supply.

Solutions Wholesale

Safe and certified rental

Numerous rules and standards have been drawn up and adopted for storage and transhipment. We comply with the GDP and our products also comply with the requirements set on the food storage and transhipment of medicines according to the (Dutch) Pharmacy Standard (NAN). The GMP, the Act on the Transport of Hazardous Substances. Also contains rules on transporting hazardous substances which are elaborated in more detail in the ADR. Coolworld's solutions comply with all these applicable requirements. 


We work according to the HACCP-standards and GMP-standards. Coolworld has knowledge of OQ, IQ and PQ. Our products meet the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards. Coolworld's solutions meet all the requirements.

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