Coolworld prevents production stop at large bakery 

For more than 13 years, Coolworld has supported a large bakery with keeping its production halls refrigerated during the summer months.  
The company produces 258 different products on 6 production lines, including filled and unfilled croissants, sweet Danish pastries and savory snacks.  

At one of the sites, various temperature-sensitive food products are produced in 2 halls. To avoid having to stop production when temperatures rise too high in the summer, the halls must be kept cool at a temperature of 22 degrees.  

Coolworld supports this large bakery every year starting in June with hall cooling in the form of two chillers and various ventilation units for several months, depending on the duration of the persistent hot temperatures. 

Need and problem 

  • Monitoring the quality of various temperature-sensitive bakery and confectionery products 
  • Preventing production standstills/breaks due to high temperatures in production halls during the summer months 


  • Setup and installation of 170 and 200 kW chillers, including matching air handling units. 
  • Cool air is blown into the halls from two locations to maintain a constant temperature. 


  • The temperature in both production halls is kept at a constant 22 degrees 
  • Constant production processes 
  • Flexible rental extension possible if outside temperatures remain high 
  • Cost savings through rental cooling, as a fixed system would be too expensive and not needed

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