Gronotte Fresh Logistics ready for any hot summer with Coolworld's high-volume rental climate solutions.

During most of the year, it is not a problem for the logistics provider to store its food at the right temperature. Therefore, the company does not have a permanent cooling system. But during the hot summer months and the rising temperatures in the warehouse, this becomes a problem. Coolworld has been supporting the company here for years with various temporary cooling solutions.  

Coolworld has developed a tailor-made rental climate concept for Gronotte:

Outside the hall a cooling machine with a cooling capacity of 100 kW is driven by a generator.
Inside, suitable air conditioning units ensure the right temperature.  
Together, the cooling machine and the air conditioning ensure that the food in the warehouse remains at a constant temperature of between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius during the hot summer months.  
Thanks to our rental solution, Gronotte remains flexible, as a refrigeration unit is only in operation when it is really needed. The pleasant contact with Gronotte also contributes to the success of this annual project. 


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