Emergency cooling, storage and room cooling for fresh distribution centre

Fire! One of the most devastating calamities that can impact a company. Yet even a major fire does not have to have disastrous consequences. As long as you have a network of flexible suppliers, which can really help you back on track. Daily Fresh Food has experienced this in practice! This company received - armed with a well thought out emergency plan - already after 24 hours the temporary cooling units from Coolworld on location.


Daily Fresh Food, Heerlen

Needs & Challenge  

Very rapid delivery following a major fire during the relocation of Daily Fresh Food.
Emergency cooling on-site and operational within 24 hours following notice that the fire had been brought under control. 85% of deliveries of Daily Fresh Food re-established within one day.


Dozens of HACCP cold storage and freezer rooms, converted into production units for the processing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.
Climate control system for the temporary production and distribution hall. Extended rental period from 1 year upwards, during rebuilding


✔️ Very rapid delivery within 24 hours, cold storage and refrigeration on demand, during relocation.