Additional cooling for storage warehouse for pharmaceutical products and gel packs

Refrigerated storage for the storage and transhipment and warehousing of pharmaceutical products

On a daily basis, H. Essers transports a wide range of goods, including products for the healthcare sector. In a modern transhipment facility, they offer a full-service package for logistics and transport, for a variety of pharmaceutical product manufacturers.
This work is undertaken in the company’s own temperature-controlled warehouses within three different temperature ranges: 15 °C tot25 °C, 2 °C to 8 °C and -20 °C. During the summer months, the organisation needs additional cooling capacity in these temperature-controlled warehouses. Whenever the weather conditions require, chillers are immediately rented from Coolworld. The rental period usually starts at the beginning of the summer.

Refrigeration of gel packs prior to transport

To ensure that products arrive at their destination in perfect condition, a shock freezer was rented. This facility is not used for the actual medicines but for special gel packs. These elements keep the medicines cool during transport.


Logistic service provider H. Essers in Genk, Belgium.

Needs & Challenge 

Additional cooling in storage magazines for pharmaceutical products, during the summer months and permanent cooling of gel packs for transport.


2 chillers and 1 shock freezer MI01.


Always sufficient cooling capacity, also during the summer months. Extremely reliable solution, 24/7 service.

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