Smart application of rented cooling for the distribution of medicines with cold packs

Freezing of cooling elements for medicines

From the distribution centre in question, a wide range of medicines and medical supplies are delivered, every day. The products are delivered to dispensing chemists and healthcare providers during the night, throughout the country. In the morning, when the dispensing chemist opens, all the products are ready for the staff to dispense. During delivery, transport and the intervening waiting period, the refrigerated products must be kept at a temperature of between 2 and 8 degrees. To ensure this temperature range, we operate a unique, practical cooling system developed in-house, using cooling elements installed in covers. These covers are placed in their entirety in the freezing cells and shock freezers, where they are deep frozen to -25 °C, within just twelve hours. 


Distribution centre for medicines and medical products, Mediq

Needs & Challenge 

Rapid freezing of cooling elements for transport containers.
Within twelve hours deep-frozen to -25 °C.


2 mobile freezer units type MI01.


Additional freezing capacity on site to support a dynamic logistic process.
Rapid upgrading of rental freezing capacity during peak periods.
Increased efficiency in the cold supply chain for medicines.
Reliable with remote monitoring. 24/7 service.

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