Rental of cold storage cells as high-quality solution for laboratory analysis

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is part of the SGS group, a worldwide leader in the field of research, testing, inspection and certification.
The solution provided by Coolworld is used in the agricultural services sector. Within this sector, SGS is for example involved in investigating the extent to which crop protection agents penetrate the soil, and whether undesirable residues remain behind in the plants and whether groundwater is contaminated. To assess these parameters and to exclude potential risks, a whole range of applications are investigated in realistic situations. As part of these field studies, large numbers of samples are sent to the laboratory for examination, at different times.

Cooling test samples

The samples that are placed in the Mega cold storage cell are part of a programme of research work in which SGS companies offer their support in the approval process for crop protection agents. All these samples must be constantly refrigerated. This ensures that they are not exposed to any influences from possible temperature fluctuations during the transport or storage stage, resulting in possibly incorrect measured values.


SGS Fresenius Institut

Needs & Challenge  

Temporary storage of large numbers of test samples. 
Additional freezer space to cope with peak stock volumes.
Temperature control, stable room temperature for test samples from field work.


Modular mega cold storage cell installed at the laboratory.


Additional cold storage capacity, immediately available. 
Flexible rental solution during peak periods. 
Reliable stable room temperature.

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