Reliable cooling guarantees uninterrupted production process in the chemical sector

Ashland Water Technologies (AWT), a commercial unit of Ashland Inc. offers paper makers the most complete range of sizing agents. Coolworld plays a role in the production process. 
Ashland Industries produces its raw materials from natural, plant-based components. These are processed to a liquid. The liquid passes through a cooled roller to reduce its temperature and causing it to coagulate. Flakes then fall from the roller. These are transported to the paper and cardboard-processing industry for further processing, in big white sacks. As a B2B supplier, Ashland Industries prioritises delivery reliability and a high level of service and safety. Any disruption to delivery can have huge consequences for the day-to-day operation of the chain partners.
Coolworld delivers the necessary support capacity during the summer period, in the form of rental chillers. Operational reliability for the uninterrupted production process and the accompanying cooling requirements are guaranteed. Ashland particularly appreciates the 24/7 breakdown service offered by Coolworld.


Ashland, production of high-quality semi-finished products for the paper-processing industry. Chemical industry, Belgium.

Needs & Challenge 

Additional capacity with rental chillers in the summer for uninterrupted production process.


Chiller with an output of 200 kW.


Operational security with reliable process cooling.
Backup and continuity. 
Extremely reliable solution, 24/7 service.

Applied products

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