Coolworld helps food wholesaler with extra storage capacity

An existing client, a well known food wholesaler, approached Coolworld with an unforeseen problem. As a result of the current difficult situation in Ukraine, more and more shortages are occurring, also in the food sector.   
The wholesaler has been renting a 30 m³ freezer cell from Coolworld for 2 years. In order to avoid potential bottlenecks in his supply, he decided to purchase additional storage capacity to be able to buy extra goods and store them frozen. After extensive consultation with Sales Engineer Dirk Hagen, the solution was quickly found: A swap to an 84 m³ mega freezer.   

Need and problem

  • Enlargement of the existing storage capacity by means of a larger cold store  
  • Reinstallation on a base frame to allow ground level access to the warehouse  


  • Replacement of cold store VC05 by mega cold store MV01  
  • Delivery and installation including new fitting base frame using a telescopic crane.  


  • The customer now has 54 m³ of additional storage capacity and is prepared for possible delivery bottlenecks.  
  • Continuous deep-freezing of its food at -20 degrees without interruption of the cold chain for the next 2 years.

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