Mega-cooling cells secure production of spirits producer

Today, the owner-managed family business is one of the most important spirits producers in the industry. Almost all types of spirits are produced in the company according to its own recipes. Here they make use of their own long experience in distillation and maceration techniques, thus ensuring the high quality of their products. 

But what to do when the company's own warehouse with cold storage space has become too small for its own storage needs, but renovation is no longer worthwhile? For this, the spirits producer contacted Coolworld. With the help of an outdoor installation of three mega cold rooms directly next to the production hall, Coolworld is supporting the company until the new construction of a larger warehouse is completed. 

✔️ Secure cold storage of raw materials (liquids) worth €100.000,- 

✔️ Stable, constant temperature of 2 °C in rented cold storage cells 

✔️ Constant production of spirits is guaranteed.   

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