Rental cooling offers solution in new brewery

A beautiful new site under construction for brewery Parisis from which several quality beers flow.

Only the delivery of the permanent cooling installation was still some time away.

In order to have a full cooling installation available even before completion of the new installation, Coolworld was called in. A complete rental installation ensured that the brewing process and distribution could start beforehand.

Flexibility and a smooth transition

The brewers of Parisis were already helped out by Coolworld in the past preventing a production stoppage.

Therefore, when transitioning to the new location, they immediately saw the benefits of using rental cooling and again called upon Coolworld:

✔️ starting the brewing process even before the new installation was completed.

✔️ Uninterrupted distribution of quality beers.

✔️ No worries during the project with a reliable rental installation

✔️ A flexible energy-efficient solution as long as needed.


Cooling glycol water for brewing process at +2°C

The chiller plant was deployed at one of the crucial steps in the brewing process:

Cooling wort for the fermentation tanks.

The chiller installation supplied cooled glycol water at -5°C.

This kept the tanks perfectly at +2°C.


65kW chiller temporarily connected to 18 fermentation tanks

The rental plant set up included:

✔️ 65Kw chiller at -5/0°c

✔️ Direct connection to the 18 fermentation tanks.

✔️ Complete set-up with buffer tank, pump, hoses and electricity.

✔️ Seamless connection to the plant under construction.


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