Coolworld offers solution for inventive veggie burger production process

Coolworld is regularly called upon to support innovative test programmes. One excellent example is the collaboration with Zwanenburg Food Group. This meat processing company has developed a production line for veggie burgers. In collaboration with Veld Koeltechniek, a temporary solution for cooling down the veggie burgers during the preparation process was needed. The decision to opt for Coolworld was fully justified. Thanks to an inventive rental solution, the test phase was completed ahead of schedule. In addition, work was carried out on a permanent installation during the process.


New production line for veggie burgers at Zwanenburg Food Group

Needs & Challenge 

Temporary solution for cooling down veggie burgers during the preparation process.


Installation of two type LT02 air handlers with a three-way valve. The air handlers are deployed for the phased cooling of the veggie burgers. The burgers are first cooked and briefly deep-fried. The temperature, which then reaches 80 °C, must be reduced to 60 °C. In this way, excess moisture is extracted. In the next stage, the core of the burger is cooled to just 2 °C. This is a process that must be carried out with absolute precision.


Opstelling met twee airhandlers type LT02 en een driewegklep. De airhandlers worden ingezet bij het gefaseerd terugkoelen van de groenteburgers. De burgers worden gekookt en kort gefrituurd. Daarna wordt de de temperatuur van 80 °C terug gebracht naar 60 °C. Zo wordt overtollig vocht onttrokken. In de volgende ruimte wordt de kern van de burger teruggekoeld naar 2°C. Dit is een proces dat nauwkeurig voltrokken dient te worden.


Betrouwbare testinstallatie. Flexibiliteit, eenvoudig verlengen testperiode. Installatie van de nieuwe installatie kan gelijktijdig parallel plaatsvinden en getest worden.

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