Rental of process cooling solution for new build projects in the plastics industry

Rental room cooling for the plastics industry

The temperature in large production spaces can rise considerably if machines are operated almost permanently. The permanent climate control system will undoubtedly operate effectively in normal outdoor temperatures. The question is whether during the construction process account should already be taken of the potential future expansion of the machine fleet. To limit investments, the most extensive cooling installation is generally not selected. As a consequence, the permanent installation in a new-build or conversion phase is not always sufficient for the peak temperatures or when systems have to be run continuously, at full power. Naber Plastics had already predicted this bottleneck, and called Coolworld in on time, to provide a temporary cooling solution. 



Naber Plastics, injection moulding company for plastics in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

Needs & Challenge 

Temporary cooling of production spaces during new build.
1 chiller 170 kW.
New-build project could be continued unhindered by the shortage of cooling capacity. Reliable solution, 24/7 service.

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