Additional freezing capacity for production bakery, renting shock freezers in customised configuration

Just like Coolworld, food producer Vandemoortele focuses huge attention on quality, and offers optimum service to a very wide variety of mainly local clients right across Europe. Specifically with regard to that aspect, namely offering tailor-made solutions, both specialists proved the perfect partners for this exciting project. At one of the production locations the need arose for temporary storage for freezing pie and cake products.

Vandemoortele, food producer. Production locations for pie and cake products.

Needs & Challenge  
A need for additional freezing capacity for the production location. Flexible solution whereby new building and renovation work can rapidly be upscaled in phases. Additional freezing capacity as buffer storage during production peaks.

HACCP compliant rental shock freezers in a tailor-made configuration, 5 shock freezers of the type MI01 with pre-airlock entrance.

Seamless tie-in with both existing buildings and adjacent in-house cold storage and freezer capacity. 
The rental cells allow rapid additional freezing capacity at a production location. 
During phased renovation or new building work, upscaling can be easily achieved.
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