Chillers with heatpump rental

A mobile cold-water machine with a heat pump rented from Heatworld Rentals, a division of Coolworld can prevent operational damage if your permanent process cooling suffers downtime as a result of a disruption, repairs or reconditioning. Temporary hire of a mobile cold-water machine / chiller is the ideal solution when a process is threatened by an imminent shutdown. Heatworld is happy to help configure your system. We will ensure quick installation and operationalisation of the right cold-water machine, if required in partnership with your own technical staff or technician. 
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Chillers with heatpump rental


Heatworld rents chillers up to 207 kW heating capacity, including all the necessary peripheral equipment such as water connections, buffer tanks, pumps, hoses and generators.

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Chiller CZ20H

Chiller / Air-cooled Heat pump with 200kW Cooling capacity and 218 kW Heating capacity. This low-energy lownoise machine is ready for use. The machine is mounted in a robust frame with a shock-resistant grid for condensor protection and can be moved easily with a forklift or crane.

picture of Chiller CZ20H

Standard accessories CZ20H

  • Robust frame
  • M12 bolt connection
  • Water connection

Optional accessories CZ20H

  • SMS alarm
    SMS alarm
  • Water supply connection
    Water supply connection
  • Pumps
  • Heat exchanger
    Heat exchanger
  • Extention power cables
    Extention power cables
  • Water hoses
    Water hoses
  • Buffertank
  • Diesel power generator
    Diesel power generator