Cold storage room rental

Fast and reliable rental of cold-storage rooms. Cold storage rooms from 10 to 100 m³ and cold stores 3 to 34 pallet spaces. Temporary rental of a cold-storage room is the ideal solution for an event, or when your permanent system is shutdown, or subject to renovation or reconditioning. We have a wide range of HACCP-compatible mobile cold-storage rooms available. Coolworld is happy to advise.get in touch!

Mobile cold storage room rental, portable cold stores, meeting HACCP and GMP standards.

schematicCoolworld is happy to advise on the right choice of cold-storage rooms. From advice on rentals, installation and conditioning to the collection of the cold-storage unit on completion of the rental period, you can count on a trouble-free service. 

Cold storage cell KC03

Ready-for-use mobile cold storage cell with a volume of 10 m³ and a large refrigeration capacity (overcapacity). The cold storage cell has been fitted with a flat anti-skid floor, lighting, a door that opens smoothly (also from the inside), and has a very low entry height. The cold storage cell meets the HACCP/GMP requirements and is easy to install, even in locations that are difficult to reach, as well indoors as outdoors. The storage cell is low noise and low power.

picture of Cold storage cell KC03

Technical specifications KC03

Amount of pallets (euro) 3
Volume 10
Min. inside temperature -2°C
Max. inside temperature 10°C
Power connection SCHUKO 230V
Voltage 230V
Recommended fuses 16A
Phases 1 + N + E
Length (external) 2000mm
Width (external) 2500mm
Height (external) 2500mm
Door height 2100mm
Door width 900mm
Threshold height 160mm
Weight 750kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 38dB(A)

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Standard accessories KC03

  • Anti-skid floor
  • Door edge heating
  • LED Lighting

Optional accessories KC03

  • Lighting
  • Ride-in panel
    Ride-in panel
  • Plastic shelves
    Plastic shelves
  • Extra power outlet
    Extra power outlet
  • Strip curtain
    Strip curtain
  • Light alarm / sound alarm
    Light alarm / sound alarm
  • SMS alarm
    SMS alarm
  • Data logger
    Data logger
  • Auxiliary vents
    Auxiliary vents
  • (De)moisturizing
  • Anti-buglary bracket
    Anti-buglary bracket
  • Heating
  • Remote monitoring
    Remote monitoring
  • Extention power cable
    Extention power cable
  • Elevation on brackets
    Elevation on brackets