Hospitality, catering, events

Hotel, restaurant, catering and events.

Reliable aswell as turn-key cooling and heating solutions are a matter of the utmost importance in the hospitality and eventbranche. Solutions have to meet high standards and have to be flexible. Coolworld Rentals and its heating division Heatworld Rentals offer all the necessary solutions for the hospitality, catering and eventbranche, with climate control, temporary cooling or freezer rooms or heating.
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Horeca Hospitality, catering and events

The hospitality and events industries require the ability to act fast. Products have to comply with all requirements and be able to be used flexibly so that entrepreneurs can immediately react to trends and developments. Coolworld offers a versatile range of solutions for temporary climate control, air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cold storage for the hospitality and events industries.


Safely storing food and beverages is very important in this industry. But not only are the best product conditions necessary, optimum climate control in the kitchen or in visitor areas is essential as well. Coolworld is right at home in the hospitality and events industries with solutions for temporary air conditioning, climate control, air treatment, heating and cold storage. Solutions that enable your hotel, restaurant or pub, or your hospitality room or catering service to fulfil all the requirements of even the most demanding customers. 

Requirements and regulations

Coolworld's cold-storage and freezer cells comply with the HACCP standards. The hospitality and events industries are subject to rules on the safe storage and sale of food and beverages. Our products therefore fulfil all the requirements drawn up by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

As an events’ organiser, it’s possible to have Coolworld look after all your temporary for climate control of visitor areas and refrigeration of catering and kitchen services. Coolworld is fully au fait with the hospitality industry, providing solutions for temporary air-conditioning, climate control, air-handling, heating and cold storage. As such, your establishment, hospitality area or catering service will be able to meet all the requirements of discerning customers. Coolworld delivers turnkey cooling and heating, fully adapted to meet the needs of your build-up and break-down schedule. If an urgent problem arises with the permanent cooling and air-conditioning, in most cases Coolworld can arrange an emergency solution for you within the spaces of just a few hours.