Temporary cold storage and freezer rental

An operational HACCP cold-storage room or freezer for 10 -100 m³ of cold storage: cooling, freezing, tempering or quick shock-freezing of products. Specially developed in-house for rental purposes. Each unit can be delivered ready-to-use from stock, is mobile, easy to clean and readily accessible. Our range of cold-storage facilities consists of cold-storage rooms, freezers, quick-freezers and shock-freezers, tempering cold-storage rooms, tempering freezer rooms and ultra-low freezers.
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Cold store rental and freezers from 10 to 100 m³ down to -60°C

Coolworld also supplies modular or detachable HACCP cold-storage and freezer cells of any for cold storage, as well as a wide range of conventional cold-storage and freezer containers for the storage of packaged products. If required, cold-storage units can also be installed at dock height. 

Mobile cold-storage and freezer storage are suitable for: 
  • ingredients, semi-finished goods and products in the food-processing industry 
  • raw materials and finished products for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries 
  • food, drinks, fresh meat and baked products for the retail and wholesale trades or the hotel & catering industry 
  • temporary use in the event of emergencies, repairs of reconditioning of permanent systems. 
  • temporary use in the event of construction or expansion work
  • temporary use to cover seasonal peaks