Pharmaceutical supply chain

Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry,  supply chain and storage, medical facilities, labs and blood banks

The wide variety of customers that Coolworld serves shows exactly how intricately interwoven cooling technology and the industrial sector are. Whether it is in the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, for a pharma distribution center, for a local medical facility or Europe’s largest producer of pharmaceuticals, all customers use temporary cooling and heating in their own, sometimes unique way. Renting cooling equipment appears to be the best solution to an urgent problem for industrial companies. It is available fast and flexibly, and offers a clear insight into costs.
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Solutions for the full Pharmaceutical supply chain

Ensuring the right temperature is essential in the pharmaceutical industry as it guarantees the reliability of processes. Other important factors in this sector are: reliability, cleanliness and the certification of equipment. This calls for a high degree of precision and Coolworld Rentals knows this like no other. That is why we deliver impeccable products and services.

Temperature Control solutions
Shock freezers that ensure that cooling elements are frozen super-fast, so that medication is always kept at the right temperature, and fast and flexible support for test setups. Ultra-low cold storage of vaccines at -55°C in modulair freezer cells with back-up system and remote monitoring. Coolworld offers a wide range of industrial applications, including process cooling, air conditioning, temporary extra cooled and frozen storage and heating. These are just a few examples of the many solutions we offer the pharmaceutical industry. Our solutions are such that researchers and engineers do not have to involve themselves with the equipment anymore. Coolworld relieves you of all your worries.

Requirements and regulations 
All our products comply with current requirements and regulations. For example, we work to the HACCP and GMP standards. And, as standard, Coolworld's cold-storage and freezer cells feature a memory for storing temperature data and fault logging. We also offer extra functionality, such as alerting, remote monitoring and data logging. Coolworld works according to the GDP guidelines and is familiar with OQ, IQ and PQ.

Our application areas in the pharmaceutical industry