Installers & Project offices

Installers and Project offices

Permanent cooling installations, air conditioning and heating installations require regular maintenance, repairs or even replacement. This must not affect a customer's business operations: installers and project offices know that they can rely on Coolworld in this respect.
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Solutions for installers and project offices

Renting a temporary or emergency installation from Coolworld takes away some of the pressure. Installers, project offices, main contractors, facility managers and technical departments in all kinds of industries have been working together with Coolworld for many years. They rely on Coolworld to take a lot of work and worries out of their hands by constructing a completely turn-key temporary installation and then removing it again at the end of the rental period. You can also opt to do the installation and commissioning yourself, with support from Coolworld throughout the rental period if so desired.

Full Service Rental Solutions for cooling and heating
Coolworld offers an extensive range of solutions for cooling in a business environment: air conditioning, climate control, air treatment and heating. We also offer several server cooling solutions: air conditioning, climate control and air treatment to keep your server room in an optimum condition, even under extreme weather conditions.

Requirements and regulations
At Coolworld you rent 'full service'. This means that, besides a wide range of reliable, certified rental products, you also have the right specialists at your disposal. Broad cooling knowledge and experience with HVAC ensure that you, and your customer, will get a reliable solution fast.