A pleasant temperature in waiting and reception areas is very important, both in summer and winter. Especially at an international airport like Schiphol where countless travellers from all corners of the world are present. Yet having and keeping the desired temperature is not always easy, for instance when unforeseen technical bottlenecks present themselves behind the scenes. Speed is of the essence! The temporary heating solution of Heatworld Rentals offers a solution.


Complex infrastructure
Mainport Schiphol is of great economic importance to the Netherlands. Add it up: around 65,000 people work here and more than 500 companies are active. Not to mention the tens of millions of visitors. There is movement here 24/7, whether people, goods or aircraft. Keeping all that running smoothly requires continuous maintenance and management. If you take a look behind the scenes at Schiphol, you will see how complex the infrastructure is. While you are waiting for your plane, all sorts of things are happening underground. And that is precisely where a break in the supply occurred in the heating of Pier D (with the largest area of the airport and a length of no less than 550 metres). The break could not be fixed within a few hours. And needed quick, very quick, action. Engie's technical service and management department therefore contacted Heatworld Rentals.


Flexible emergency solution
After a brief intake, the requested mobile boiler house with a capacity of 600 kW was immediately put on transport. The local team and the people of Coolworld/Heatworld worked late into the night to get the job done. With extra attention to safety, as the rental installation was placed right next to the gates. Hans Kerkhove of the Service and Management Department looks back positively on the effort that day: "It was a bit of a struggle. Because it was not an everyday problem, on-the-spot choices had to be made quickly. Fortunately, everything went well and the people in Pier D didn't notice anything about the technical bottleneck." With complex repair work like this, it is not always clear exactly how long things will take. The rental period can then easily be extended.   


Need and problem
A pleasant temperature in waiting and reception areas. The break in the supply at the heating system meant this was not possible.


Mobile boiler house with a capacity of 600 kW.


Quick solution for temperature maintenance in waiting and reception areas with a temporary solution and the possibility of easily extending the rental period.

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