Process cooling rental

Coolworld Rentals offers air- and water-cooled cold-water machines (chillers) for cooling or heating process water. Heat exchangers for the full physical separation of process fluids and the chiller. Chillers can be extended with rental air handlers for HVAC applications. Coolworld provides a wide range of flexible, effective water- and process cooling options, with all necessary peripheral equipment. We offer temporary or emergency cooling for every industrial application, delivered ready-for use. Contact us for advice or information.
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Mobile process cooling equipment, rental of air cooled chillers

For every industrial application, Coolworld is able to provide a suitable cooling system, delivered ready-for-use including any peripheral equipment needed. For minimising downtimes in the event of a repair or an emergency, maximising continuity of the production process and rapid solutions without having to invest yourself in process coolers. 

Temporary (additional) process cooling can be deployed widely for:
  • cooling of fluids in the production process
  • connection to an permanent cooling or air-conditioning system
  • cooling of (explosive) chemical substances in storage tanks
  • additional cooling of cooling water from a cooling tower
  • cooling of cooling water for printing presses
  • ice rinks for winter events or professional shows