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Dry coolers rental

Renting a dry cooler from Coolworld is a perfect solution if you have a temporary need for an energy efficient and cost-effective installation; for example, in case of emergency, repair of your permanent installation, or in case of a capacity shortage for cooling of process or an excellent solution if you have a temporary need for a chiller installation; for example, in case of repair or calamities on your permanent installation, or in case of a capacity shortage. This way you prevent loss of production and you can fully use your process and production capacity.

Capacity range

To 1200 kW. Set up entirely according to your specifications.

Temperature range

Processes 0 °C to +80 °C' climate +4 °C to +65 °C' Specific temperature settingss are available.

Complete & turn-key

Your complete solution with the necessary modern peripherals and accessories is quickly available and delivered ready for use.

Certification & reliability

Compliance with environmental and/or safety standards GMP, HACCP, ISO (9001,14001,45001).

Dry coolers rental

Cooling capacity Heating capacity
DCO1200 355 kW 1200 kW
Power connection
32 A CEE
Water connection
4″ Flens

Applications Dry coolers

Connection to permanent cooling and heating systems or air-conditioning systems.

Cooling of (chemical) liquids within the production process and in storage tanks.

Additional cooling of water in a cooling tower, printing presses, for cold and hot water systems.

Ice rinks for winter festivities or professional events.

Functioning and accessories Dry coolers

The dry cooler is a high capacity cooler where the process water is led through a cooling block and cooled by ambient air. This is done by allowing a forced air flow over the cooling block and by means of a continuously variable ventilation control. With these dry cooling towers mobile cooling towers with closed circuit, there is no direct contact between the ambient air and the liquid to be cooled. The rental unit can also be used as a heater. Ready to plug thanks to the use of quick connectors. Supplied with all necessary peripheral equipment and advice:

  • Electrical and water connections.
  • Extension cables, air hoses and water hoses.
  • Pumps and buffertanks.
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Power generators, fuel and energy supply.

Alternatives for Dry coolers

Energy-efficient and cost-effective rental dry coolers

Our dry coolers are specifically designed for rental in a stable and corrosion-resistant design for in and outdoor installation with reliable and quiet running axial fans. Combined with an optimized heat exchanger the rental dry cooler ensures maximum efficiency values. The dry cooler can be used for water-cooled fluid cooler or for the direct cooling of fluids between by means of environment air as a ‘free’ cool unit. At higher temperatures, and for special material requirements, these dry coolers can be combined with plate heat exchangers for system separation. Ready for your every temporary need.


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