Robust Cool-Freezing container (40-ft reefer high cube) with a capacity of 57 m³. Especially developed for ultra-low temperatures down to -70 °C. The container is provided with an aluminum T-section floor, stainless steel interior and special doors. The standard container does not meet HACCP / GMP requirements. Can optionally be configured with remote monitoring, refrigerated anteroom and lighting


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Technical specifications

Amount of pallets (euro) 21
Volume 57 m³
Min. inside temperature -70 °C
Max. inside temperature -10 °C
Min. outside temperature -30 °C
Power connection 32 A CEE
Voltage 400 V
Current (max) 31 A
Current (nominal) 26 A
Recommended Fuses 32 A
Phases 3 + PE
Length (external) 12192 mm
Width (external) 2440 mm
Height (external) 2896 mm
Length (internal) 11269 mm
Width (internal) 2088 mm
Height (internal) 2420 mm
Door height 1600 mm
Door width 2100 mm
Threshold height 277 mm
Max. load 1200 Kg/m²
Sound level (at 10 m) 64 dB(A)
Weight 6210 kg