TMP group

Strong cooperation for

Robust frames metal products and coatings

The many rental units that we move and deliver throughout Europe require proper protection. The TMP group has been providing our units with robust frames and of course a coating in the characteristic Coolworld blue color for years.

Specialisms TMP group

Metal Products

Supplier of various quality products in many types of metal

Metal Construction

Custom-made structures, frames and modern milling machines

Powder coating

Extend service life with additional protective layer


Assembling and placing in custom-made frames

Assembly chillers in robust frames
Condenser protection
Various metal protections: grids and frames.
Precision work with computerized CNC milling machines.
Customized components and consulting.
Powder coating for longer life.
Skilled workers for metal construction of various Coolworld rental units.

"Quality and safety are paramount to both Coolworld and TMP. Both organizations are ISO- 9100 certified."

Added Value

The many transport movements and often harsh rental conditions our products undergo require sturdy frames. Sensitive components such as the condensers in the chillers, but also pumps and hoses are protected with TMP's custom-made metal products. This way, the complete rental solutions and peripheral equipment arrive at our customers safely and undamaged.


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Quality and Safety

Quality is a high priority within TMP. Just like Coolworld, they carry the ISO 9100 certification. Machinery is well maintained and regularly renewed. Safety comes first, for example applying extra reinforcement of metal lifting eyes for large chiller frames. Use of quality metal and accurate assembly by professionals complete the picture. This way we guarantee the delivery of reliable and safe products.

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