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Mobile shock freezers, blast chillers, rapid freezers, meeting HACCP and GMP standards. Quick- or shock-freezers are fitted with powerful evaporators, as a result of which they can rapidly freeze large volumes of products to temperatures of up to -35 °C. Coolworld rents out HACCP-compatible cells with a capacity of 25 or 60 m³. Contact us for more info.
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Mobile shock freezers, blast chillers, rapid freezers, meeting HACCP and GMP standards


Coolworld’s mobile quick-freezers / shock-freezers can be deployed flexibly if your permanent equipment is temporarily unavailable, but also as part of a project or test installation. Coolworld is happy to advise you on the right choice of quick-freezer. From advice, installation and conditioning to the collection of the quick-freezer on completion of the rental period, you can count on a trouble-free service. 

If you’re looking for the best and quickest solution, get in touch with one of our specialists via our hotline.

Shock freezer / Blast chiller MI02

Representative, low-energy and low-noise cell constructed in accordance with HACCP & GMP requirements, with a volume of 60 m³. Especially developed for shock freezing / blast chilling of products. Ready for use and easy to install with a crane truck, even in locations that are difficult to reach. Can be used both outdoors and indoors. Uses ozone-friendly cooling agent. Accessible via door that can also be opened from the inside. Including lighting.

picture of Shock freezer / Blast chiller MI02

Technical specifications MI02

Amount of pallets (euro) 23
Volume 60
Min. inside temperature *-35°C
Max. inside temperature 5°C
Power connection
Voltage 400V
Recommended fuses 250A
Phases 3 + N + E
Length (external) 12000mm
Width (external) 3500mm
Height (external) 3400mm
Door height 2100mm
Door width 1400mm
Threshold height 270mm
Weight 10100kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 62dB(A)

* After approval of Coolworld International

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Standard accessories MI02

  • Lighting
  • Anti-skid floor
  • Door edge heating
  • Light alarm / sound alarm
  • Anti theft

Optional accessories MI02

  • Ride-in panel
    Ride-in panel
  • Extention power cable
    Extention power cable
  • Plastic shelves
    Plastic shelves
  • Extra power outlet
    Extra power outlet
  • Strip curtain
    Strip curtain
  • SMS alarm
    SMS alarm
  • Data logger
    Data logger
  • Elevation on brackets
    Elevation on brackets