Fish processing

Fish- and shelfish processing industry

In the fish-processing industry, climate control and storage conditions are of primary importance. In the event of an emergency or where there is a need for extra capacity, Coolworld can help provide adequate solutions in the field of climate control, air-conditioning, and temporary cold storage and freezers for fish and shellfish. All equipment has been designed to conform to the requirements of the fish-processing industry.
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De behoefte aan onverwachte opslag is kenmerkend voor de levensmiddelen- en voedingsindustrie. Om bedrijfs- of voorraadschade te voorkomen, biedt Coolworld passende en snelle oplossingen. Zo helpen wij bij het opvangen van seizoenspieken en capaciteitstekorten. Coolworld biedt huurkoeling, klimaatbeheersing en proceskoeling voor producten en processen aan voor grote ondernemingen én kleine ambachtelijke bedrijven.

Eisen en regelgeving

All our products comply with current requirements and regulations. For example, we work in accordance with the HACCP and GMP standards. Coolworld also has knowledge of OQ, IQ and PQ. All our products comply with the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards. 

In addition to freezer units, quick freezers/shockfrosters and ultra low freezers are available. As an optional extra, additional systems such as alarms, remote monitoring and data-logging can be installed and calibrated to meet your needs.

Cooling for fish- and shelfish processing industry

Lovely: fresh fish. But it also involves a risk. Fish is a product that easily spoils and that requires a high degree of accuracy as regards cooling it. Cleanliness when processing these products is also very important. Coolworld helps you protect the quality through flexible cooling and freezing solutions that are ready for use quickly.


Cleanliness is very important in order to make sure that fish and seafood are processed, sold and prepared properly and safely. Storage at the right temperature is what makes the difference. Coolworld is very familiar with the specific requirements in this industry and ensures that you can always guarantee the best quality. For example, a shock freezer ensures that the texture of fish remains intact (as fewer ice crystals are formed). 

Requirements and regulations
All our products comply with the HACCP and GMP standards.