Food and beverage

Food and bevrage industry

Climate and storage conditions are of primary importance in the food industry. Cooling is always crucial, for fresh quality produce straight from the field, as well as for products in a shop. What’s important in this industry is flexibility and acting quickly. But that's normal at Coolworld.
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The need for unexpected and sudden storage is typical of the food industry. Here Coolworld offers suitable and fast solutions that help prevent operating losses and damage to stocks. Our solutions also help to compensate for seasonal peaks and capacity shortages. Coolworld offers rental cooling, climate control and process cooling for products and processes for both large corporations and small businesses. 

Requirements and regulations

All our products comply with current requirements and regulations. For example, we work in accordance with the HACCP and GMP standards. Coolworld also has knowledge of OQ, IQ and PQ. All our products comply with the ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 standards.