Heating rental

Heatworld Rentals, a division of Coolworld can provide a suitable solution for every temporary heating problem. Never go without heat or hot water in the event that the regular heating system is down due to refurbishment, modernisation or failure.
Heatworld has the right equipment for every situation where mobile heat sources can be used. Contact us for more info.
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Heating rental equipment

Coolworld can provide any system, ready-to-use, including any necessary peripheral equipment, for short or long periods and for any of room, from small to very large. Coolworld has the right equipment for every situation where mobile heat sources can be used. 

Suitable for: 

  • biomass center
  • construction companies
  • energy companies
  • utility buildings 
  • production and storage spaces 
  • public spaces, party tents and hospitality units 
  • technical areas and laboratories

Why rent an industrial heater or boiler?

There are many reasons companies may need to rent boiler equipment. Some companies may face an emergency or a boiler shutdown, while others will require an increased capacity due to limitations in production. Whatever the reason, Heatworld is committed to making the rental process easy so you can focus less on the rental boiler and more on your bottom line.

Emergency Boiler Rentals

Heatworld a dvision of Coolworld Rentals has been involved with many types of emergency situations. Whether an emergency is caused by a natural disaster or another unforeseen event, Heatworld stocks a large inventory of transportable heating solutions like mobile boiler (rooms), and heaters in your time of need. Our equipment can be put online and running quickly by one of our local rental locations.

Peak Season Demand

Many industries face periods of increased demands. Whether it’s for the processing of food, oil, chemicals or another commodity, don’t let your boiler capacity limit your production. Supplementing your current production with a rental boiler is the smart and practical solution to maximize your resources to meet current and long-term demand requirements.  

Planned Outages or Repairs

Industrial boilers require regular maintenance and repairs in order to operate and perform at their peak. Heatworld and Coolworld have almost decades of experience in providing immediate solutions to companies that need rental heating and cooling for planned outages or repair projects. Our sales engineers are proactive in contacting customers who routinely plan outages year after year, and we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products to help our customers get through an outage with minimal lost production time.

Budgetary Restrictions

If you are limited in capital resources and can’t buy a boiler or heater, renting is the next best thing. Heatworld offers flexible rental programs and can even provide attractive financing options. Don’t let budgetary limitations hinder your ability to expand. Rent a boiler or heater to help grow your business.

If you have to rent a boiler, rent from Heatworld. We have provided optimal rental solutions to thousands of customers that represent the most demanding industries.