1 MW chillers deployed for cooling biomass at water purification installation

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Leading players in the chemical industry like INEOS Oxide know that the deployment of additional cooling capacity is a job for the specialists. Coolworld is among the select group of providers of temporary cooling solutions in this sector. Cooling units deployed on an industrial scale almost as standard require greater power capacity. For this project, the chosen solution was a set of two chillers with a combined output of one megawatt. The mobile chillers and pumps were installed at the production plant’s water purification installation. As the outdoor temperature rose in the summer, additional cooling was required for the biomass, in order to maintain optimum reactor efficiency. The chillers were connected to the permanent system. This configuration maintained the temperature within the required tolerances.

INEOS Oxide, chemical production company in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

Needs & Challenge 
Maintaining the temperature of biomass within preset margins, during the summer.

2 chillers with a combined power output of one megawatt, connected to the permanent system.
All necessary rental accessoires, pumps, water and power connection and dedicated service during the rental period.

Always sufficient cooling capacity for cooling units with greater capacities. Reliable cooling solution, 24/7 service. 



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