Robust refrigeration/freezer container (20-ft reefer) with a volume of 28 m³. The container features an aluminium T-profile floor, SST inner lining and double doors. The container can be moved with contents with the use of a forklift or crane truck. The container does not meet the HACCP/GMP requirements.


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Technical specifications

Amount of pallets (euro) 10
Volume 28 m³
Min. inside temperature -25 °C
Max. inside temperature 25 °C
Min. outside temperature -20 °C
Power connection 32 A CEE
Voltage 400 V
Current (max) 19.5 A
Current (nominal) 16.3 A
Recommended fuses 25 A
Phases 3 + PE
Length (external) 6060 mm
Width (external) 2440 mm
Height (external) 2590 mm
Length (internal) 5450 mm
Width (internal) 2280 mm
Height (internal) 2260 mm
Door height 2200 mm
Door width 2260 mm
Treshold height, min. 210 mm
Treshold height, max. 270 mm
Max. load 2500 Kg/m²
Weight 3400 kg
Sound level (at 10 m) 58 dB(A)