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Our company Coolworld rentals is an international, cooling technical full service rental company. Our company is made up of dedicated people with extensive experience in the rental of refrigeration equipment. Pillars by Coolworld are good advice and genuine customer service.
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Raf Vanbosch, Sales engineer

Name: Raf Vanbosch
Function: Sales Engineer

As a Sales Engineer I provide companies - such as those in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food-processing industries - with temporary cooling and heating solutions. What’s more, I establish new business contacts so that Coolworld can expand its network.

Working as a Senior Sales Engineer at Coolworld 
A large part of my day-to-day work is providing advice and putting together offers for cooling technology solutions. This is done partly in the office, but also on location with the client. As a result, I’m familiar with all these industries and my work is quite varied. 

A different solution every time 
Each and every time, it’s an interesting challenge to come up with a solution for a client’s technical problem. I also get a lot of enjoyment giving support and assistance to colleagues. We are all working towards the same goal, even though the means to achieve this differ each time. That makes my work so challenging and varied. As far as I’m concerned, every day is a red-letter day. 

An open business culture forms the basis for successful commerce 
There’s a good rapport amongst colleagues at Coolworld and lines of communication are short. There are no endless discussions, just effective and creative thinking, with everyone willing to help each other. The open business culture not only brings about enjoyment in one’s work, but also underpins the success of the company. 

My vision for the future 
Both Coolworld and I are ambitious and enthusiastic which means a lot can be achieved internally. We’re both forward-looking, so that we can help the customer even better in times of need or when there’s a problem with capacity. In doing so, we are able to adopt a calm and professional stance vis-à-vis customers! translatable

Raf Vanbosch, Sales engineer

Open business culture

Working as Sales Engineer

Open business culture
Raf Vanbosch,
Sales Engineer